Flying Cape Co-founder Jamie Tan with Kiss92’s Charmaine Yee.

It was a fun session, with light banter and serious moments. In this 15-minute set, Jamie shared about Flying Cape’s website – a one-stop booking platform for tuition and enrichment classes for busy parents.

Here are the highlights:

Best Price Guaranteed

Flying Cape takes its Best Price Guarantee to parents very seriously.  If a cheaper price is found for a class listed on its website anywhere else, Flying Cape refunds the difference.  We provide peace of mind for the busy parent searching for value deals for good quality classes.

Many choices – something for every busy parent

Flying Cape has over 50 education providers covering a range of tuition and enrichment classes located all over Singapore.  This is Singapore’s first comprehensive education booking website for 18-month olds to 18-year olds.  Flying Cape’s co-founders personally meet up with every provider to better understand their teaching methodology.  This enables us to make good class recommendations for parents.

Smart recommendations with a validated Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Charmaine was particularly interested in the Multiple Intelligence assessment that Flying Cape was offering.  This assessment is designed by Dr Branton Shearer, and offers parents a window of insight into their children’s interests.  Flying Cape uses this to recommend classes for students.

Every child is unique and has different interests and strengths.  Why should they all attend the same classes? Parents love it that at Flying Cape, we are not just trying to sell classes, but we are educators at heart and genuinely want to see their children grow.