Martial Arts

“The martial arts are ultimately self-knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock out of the guy in front of you, but to knock out your ego, your fear, or your hang-ups.”

– Bruce Lee

Whether your kid is too dominant, too shy, or maybe just a little hyperactive, Martial Arts can help your child learn many important life lessons. (And, of course, these same lessons apply to all of us, not just kids.)

#1: Learning To Respect
Learning Martial Arts will require your kid to show his/her Instructor unflinching respect. In today’s kid culture, doesn’t always include respect for adults, authority or those in advanced positions (sad but true). When your kid goes for his/her Karate or KyoNewaza class, your kid will be learning Respect before anything else in the Syllabus.

#2: Learning Self-Control & Self-Discipline
Martial Arts is an absolute focus on Self-Control & Self-Discipline. Kids nowadays are so accustomed to receiving instant gratification that lessons in self-restraint and discipline aren’t always easy to come by. Kids with a martial arts background, however, are continually reminded of how essential self-discipline is.

#3: Learning To Listen
In order to master the skills he/she is being taught in class and to advance through the Syllabus, your kid will have to exercise superior listening skills. They will learn to pay attention, listen to the Instructors & become better than last week!

#3: Learning To Achieve Goals
Japanese Martial Arts are based on an accomplishment system of colored belts that signify the individual’s degree of skills. When your kid strives towards each milestone, he receives a stripe or a new belt; which also means he/she is learning valuable lessons about setting and reaching his/her goals, step by step & enjoy the process of learning!

#4: Increasing Self-Esteem
Confidence comes with achievements, so your kid’s self-esteem level will get a boost with every new move he/she masters, every stripe or every belt he/she earns. Kids who struggle with a low sense of self-worth usually become more confident as time progress while learning Martial Arts.

#5: Learning Social Skills
Kids on the playground may not always have much common ground, but kids in a Martial Arts class are able to get to know one another through shared pursuits. Partner-driven drills can also foster camaraderie, as kids have to work in pairs and build their skills together.

#6: Learning Teamwork
Whether he/she is breaking boards or sparring in a practice setting to master a new maneuver, there are few things that your kid does in his/her Martial Arts classes, that can be only done by his/her own. Encouraging each other & working together to learn new things and accomplish goals are important life lessons for kids to learn.

#7: Learning To Guide Others
As your kid advances in his/her skills level, he/she can also help to guide his/her new friends in class. They learn compassion in sharing knowledge & at the same time, they are also revisiting their fundamentals & become even better!

This article was written by Nicky from Hybrid Karate & MMA.


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