Often when one thinks about parkour, they would usually think of it as an extreme sport.  Images of jumping over buildings, huge gaps & dangerous come to mind. What people don’t often realize is that such movements are often performed by one at the peak of their training – training as Olympians would, with countless hours of training. 

Parkour is in essence a method of training the body, soul & spirit. 

Students will learn to break falls, become fitter, attain a better understanding of self against fear and to see the city from a different perspective over time. That said, it’s not just about climbing walls, scaling buildings or jumping over barriers. We seek to inculcate values into the students that they can then translate into tools to overcome the life obstacles they each face.

Still wondering what Parkour is?  Here’s a useful video:

An introduction to A2 Movement:

This article was contributed by Chi Ying from A2 Movement.


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