Academic Success

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February Updates at Flying Cape

Many companies speak about holistic education. Here at Flying Cape, we take it seriously enough to place it at the centre of what we do. Here are some highlights of the going-ons at Flying Cape in the month of February.

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PSLE @ St. Andrews

First-hand interview of a parent from St. Andrews, who was impressed with the way the school handled the announcement of the cohort’s PSLE results. It was effort and improved results that were celebrated, not just top grades.

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PSLE Mindset For Academic Success

When I went through PSLE with my Son last year, one of our biggest struggles was mindset. I wanted my son to have a good attitude about learning. I wanted him to study diligently and do his work properly. I wanted…

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FC filming session

⁠⁠⁠Multiples and Multiple Intelligences

It’s one thing to have multiple children, and quite another to discover that each child has multiple intelligences!   This week the Flying Cape team had a special treat: a fully-professional filming session with mommy blogger Tracey Or and her five little ones…

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