Written by Believer Music.

Ever wondered how your child can achieve 5 essential leadership skills this December? We believe every child can be groomed into becoming a leader. Beyond academics – a leader requires strong soft skills to guide teams toward success.

1. Active Listening Skills

Active listening is a critical skill to attain. It improves one’s ability to absorb information, allowing instructions to be processed and executed with precision.

2. Empathy

Having a heightened sense of empathy enables children to respond well in social situations. It promotes good mental health and positions them well for learning while encouraging tolerance and acceptance of others.

3. Communication Skills & Confidence

Communication is the foundation for all relationships. Strong communicators are better understood, and more persuasive of their vision. This confers confidence when sharing ideas in social settings. High

4. Self-esteem

Building self-esteem starts with the belief that anything is possible. Give your child an outlet to express themselves, achieve and build self-love for a lifetime.

5. Creativity

Leadership requires one to formulate novel, value-added ideas. Encourage your child to be creative daily and come up with useful solutions on their own.


Can your child be tomorrow’s leader?

Learning to play a musical instrument achieves most, if not all the above 5 leadership traits. Give them a genuine opportunity this School Holiday at Believer Music’s 3-Day Holiday Program! Have fun exploring the instruments over 3 days while being inspired to take it higher with music!