It’s the June Holiday! Are you looking for fun and enriching activities for your child? Come and check out our list of exciting activities, ranging from STEM, Arts, Dance and Baking, and be sure to let your child try out a new activity and have fun at the same time!


1. Code your own games

Age Group: 7 Years Old & Above

Price: $360 for 5 Sessions

Date & Time: 6th June-10th June 2022, 10am-12pm

Find out how to make amazing professional quality games that can be play with friends and family, or even sell on Roblox marketplace.

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2. Have fun learning different dance styles

Age Group: 3 Years Old & Above

Price: $480 for 4 Sessions

The Ballet Academy has come up with 4 different levels of Dance Camp that will let dancers be exposed to Ballet Repertoire, Kpop and Rumba. Each exposure to different dance styles allows dancers to learn more about themselves and others. Your child will also be able to appreciate dance as an art form and promote positive aspects of dance culture.

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3. Get awed by the Wonders of Science

Age Group: 4-7 Years Old

Price: $465 (U.P. $480)

Through inquiry-based learning, your child will explore collaboratively with peers, and gain critical thinking and problem solving skills, sharpen communication skills and build confidence!

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4. Learn to fold fun Pokemon origami

Age Group: 7-12 Years Old

Price: $20.90

Learn how to fold and draw Pikachu or Pokeball origami shapes with the teacher’s direction in guided step-by-step instructions. Perfect for Beginner Art Students who want to practice drawing & socializing!

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5. Impress your family by baking yummy chicken pies

Age Group: 2.5-12 Years Old

Price: From $38 (U.P. $55)

Date & Time: 18th June 2022, 11.30am-1pm

Come and have lots of fun and learn how to bake yummy mini chicken pies with your little ones this coming June Holiday!

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