Da Vinci Group has been doing some webinars for the public targeting parents with children from 3 years old to 12 years old.

There’s a whole lot of content on various topics that may bring great value to parents.

Click on the image to view the video.


Here is a talk with Dr Sharon Lim, a trained neurologist and counsellor, on sleep and its neurological impact:

Here is a talk by Dr Mohana, a pediatric consultant from Parkway East Hospital, on allergies and their neurocognitive impact: 

Here is another one by Dr Janelle and Dr Derek MacBay On Movement Matters for healthy brain development in children:

Here is one by Ms Anna Korpi, Counsellor in Education and Science at the Embassy of Finland in Singapore on Key Learnings and comparisons between how Singapore and Finland managed COVID-19 school closures as well as her perspectives as a Nordic parent in Singapore:

Here is one by Dr Taylor Bean, Naturopathic Doctor in Canada on Infant Immunity and Vaccine Optimatization:

Here is a talk by Ms Cora Dean, Educator and Specialist in Neurodiversity Studies, Communication Skill Development and Digital Adaptive Technologies on Neurodiversity, Inclusivity, Creativity and Autism:

Here is a talk with Dr Nijam Latiff, a dentist on mouth breathing and its effects on cognitive domains: 

Here is a talk with Dr Lucas Luk, an o&g consultant and doctor on food and its implication on neurocognition from pregnancy to early childhood: