It has been an exciting time for us at Flying Cape!

Flying Cape at a teacher’s Memory Workshop


We started the year with a memory workshop for 75 teachers in a primary school. It’s always exciting to be speaking directly with the educators of our nation. The VP spoke to us very passionately about the importance of brain development.

When we help our students develop their brains now, they reap the benefits for the rest of their life. We are very encouraged that they are so committed to helping their young charges Learn it Smarter.

For more information on how you can bring Flying Cape workshops to your school or company, please do get in touch.

Flying Cape at the World Economic Forum


And then Flying Cape was featured in the World Economic Forum! An excerpt from our co-founder  was played before the Swedish Prime Minister, Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer and other thought leaders discussed how to cope with the future economy in the Governing Globalization session.


Flying Cape at the NTU Entrepreneurship Society

It was also a privilege to be invited to the Nanyang Technological University to speak with a group of aspiring start-up founders on “The Leap of Faith”. They came from all over Singapore (NTU, other schools and some of them were working adults) despite the heavy rain.

Our message was that today’s careers are more of a “jungle gym” than a “career ladder”, and how the pace of change was so fast that one of the most important skills to have is learning agility.

We shared the stage with Tay Kok Chin, Chairman of the SG100 Movement, John Lim from mentoring platform Unibly and the founder of We The People, which is Singapore’s first brick and mortar store selling Kickstarter products.  Definitely learnt a lot from our fellow speakers, and gained insights from the questions the audience asked!

A happy lunar new year to you in advance!